Prices at the Hairdressing Salon Monika:

(prices are listed according to the length, hair density and material used)

In our salon we offer full service for the brands Londa Professional and Wella Professional. Coincidentally, they are also brand partner.

If you already know that you expect something special (BALAYAGE, Écaille, ombre etc.) then we recommend using the enhanced service to ensure usage of the brand Wella Professional.

Colouring and lightening services from Wella Professional are more costly.


feminine cut, blow dry, washing, styling

500 CZK - 650 CZK

Women blown, washing, styling, ironing

290 CZK - 500 CZK

colour / tint, cut, blow dry, washing, styling

850 CZK - 1200 CZK

colour / tint, blown, washing, styling

700 CZK - 850 CZK

flecked method Painting / Ombre, washing, styling

950 CZK - 1700 CZK

highlights, cut, blow dry, washing, styling

950 CZK - 2000 CZK

colour, highlights, cut, blow dry, washing, styling

1200 CZK - 2000 CZK

Durable, cut, blow dry, washing, styling

950 CZK - 1700 CZK

Continuous spiral technique

1000 CZK - 1700 CZK

Mens cut: washing, cutting, styling, blowing

320 CZK - 400 CZK

Mens cut: barber service

450 CZK - 550 CZK

Childrens haircut

260 CZK - 400 CZK

Children's / girl's haircut, washing, styling, blow drying

400 CZK - 500 CZK

 Social and wedding hairstyles  650 CZK - 2000 CZK
Bride (makeup + hairstyle) 2500 CZK
Wedding guest (makeup + hairstyle) 1300 CZK


Saturday surcharge +25%


Individual service for brides

A complete wedding service for a bride on the wedding day costs 2500 CZK. As part of the wedding service we provide a hairstyle and bridal makeup. A trial hairstyle (500 CZK / hour) can be arranged before the wedding date, even outside of normal working hours. The hairstyle can be made directly at the wedding. If we need transportation by car, the price is 15 CZK per km.


An advisory consultation is free of charge.


The prices stated are for the usage of a normal amount of chemicals, therefore the cost may vary depending on the amount of material used. If there is the need to increase cost (eg. For thick hair), you will always be notified in advance.

Any questions can be discussed by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or over telefon at 776 268 782 with our english-speaking hairdresser Sylvie Kluwe.