Services Salon Monika:

  • Mens haircut, wash, cut, style and beard trim
  • Wash, cut, blow dry
  • Head massage
  • Hair ironing / curling
  • Current colouring techniques (balayage, ecaille a ombré)
  • Streaks / method Painting / Sun kissed hair
  • Permanent curl technique
  • Social / wedding hairstyles + make up
  • Full service for a bride (wedding hairstyle and make up)
  • Advice / style and colour
  • Hair care sales Londa Professional
  • Deep restorative care Wella Sp


And what do we not do?

Anything that damages hair. In our hairdressing salon we care especially about the health of the hair, and therefore we offer only services that do not damage the hair.


Did you know that proper care can achieve big changes to your hair? Thanks to an in-depth restorative treatment we can affect undesirable behaviors such as Small volume, rough hair, skin grease, problems with dandruff, etc. After a consultation we can also recommend products for professional care at home.


Education and Past Experience:

The entire hairdressing team is regularly provided with training on new techniques and trends in cuts, colouring and highlighting. Every year, we create a new collection of hairstyles that are an inspiration for our clients. Our latest collection is Be a Gentleman, for Autumn and Winter 2016, see the gallery for more.



First and foremost the style depends on how much time you are willing to spend every morning on your hair.  Our hair stylists carefully follow the instructions of Videl Sasoon, an academy for hair dressers.


Wash and Go

A new service for those tired of washing their head at home, or simply do not have enough time. This service includes a hair wash with a massage and blow drying of the hair. All together it takes less than 25 minutes.